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Comprehensive Fitness for All Ages and Body Types

Oom Yung Doe is the Most Effective Way to Improve Your Condition Oom Yung Doe is a Very Efficient Way to Improve Your Condition

“After only a few months, I could tell that my body and mind were changing. My stamina was much better, my mind sharper. I am feeling more confident that my body and mind are improving. That is a rather remarkable thing! My body is becoming more flexible, stronger and my mind is more at peace than I have felt in many years. As a side benefit, I’ve lost 30 pounds without even trying to lose weight.” -Jeffrey Moore

Pursue Comprehensive ConditioningTraditional martial arts training improves every aspect of your physical health.Oom Yung Doe is the Most Complete & Effective Way to Achieve Optimal Physical Fitness

Comprehensive fitness is the key to a quality, energetic and fun-filled life at any age and is especially so as we move through middle age and beyond. Imagine living a life with the physical ability to participate in any activity without the limitations brought on by illness, disease, injury, or the modern sedentary lifestyle?

It takes is so much more than walking, jogging, biking, weight training, or other simple regimens to achieve comprehensive fitness. Given that the human body has more than 700 muscles and 230 joints, a comprehensive fitness program needs address the healthy function of each of these in a balanced way.

The unexpected solution to comprehensive fitness is Traditional Martial Arts. Anciently, the investment in training a martial artist was extensive, making it critical to keep the warrior in optimal health throughout his life. The knowledge that made that possible was developed over centuries and is leveraged today by Oom Yung Doe to bring optimal health to everyone, regardless of age, condition, or body type.

This is made possible by integrating of the Far East martial arts into a single conditioning program. Only Oom Yung Doe delivers these extraordinary health benefits through the “8 Taught as 1” program:

– strength – coordination
– endurance – flexibility
– speed – mental focus
– power – tranquility
– agility – balance

Traditional martial arts is a complete and effective way to change your condition.Oom Yung Doe is the Most Complete & Effective Way to Achieve Optimal Physical Fitness

For over 1,500 years, masters in East Asia spent their lives researching and developing methods to bring the human body to its fullest potential and retain that ability far, far beyond the age we usually associate with decline in the West. This body of knowledge has been carefully preserved and passed down through the traditional martial arts like Oom Yung Doe.

If you look carefully at many popular forms of exercise, such as running and bicycling, the joints only move in a limited range of motion. Some areas of the body barely move at all. Muscle groups that are developed are strengthened, but the connective tissues, ligaments and tendons remain underutilized. Limited range of motion increases tightness throughout the body and improper alignment of the skeletal structure. In these forms of exercise, it is easy to over train and underuse different areas of the body, as we tend to favor our strong areas and ignore the weak ones. (show more)

Traditional martial arts is a very efficient way to achieve optimal physical conditionOom Yung Doe Can Accomplish in 20 Minutes What Take Hours at the Gym

In 20 minutes of Oom Yung Doe practice, one can gain the benefits of hours at the gym. This is because strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, agility, timing, body control and endurance are developed simultaneously. To replicate this development, a practitioner would have to train on all the machines in the gym, get on the treadmill for 20 minutes, go through a Yoga class, go through a Pilates class, do something for their agility and speed, and do something else for their coordination, fluidity and body control.

Experience for Yourself the Powerful Health Benefits for Oom Yung Doe Training

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“I have worked as a flexibility coach to athletes of all levels for the past ten years. After four months of Oom Yung Doe, my body now moves in a way that it never could before.” -Barbara Chandler